The Advisors - Raymond James

The Advisors at Raymond James, located in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a bold and innovative Wealth Advisement firm who understands what makes them unique. They needed a brand that projected confidence, strength, and resonated with Oklahomans. The Advisors at Raymond James are professional without the pretense, removing the traditional stodginess that typically accompanies financial advisement and replacing it with warm, inviting and engaging fun.

"Regularly I tell people about my working relationship with Josh Butts because he is responsible for our entire corporate identity which includes the marketing piece that has become the single greatest conversation starter I’ve ever used; my business card. If you’ve seen his work, you know Josh is remarkably talented as an artist, a marketer and a thinker.  What may not be seen on the surface is the fact that Josh is what I call a “do-er”. When Josh says he is going to complete a task, you can trust he will complete the task. It is a pleasure to work with Josh and I consider myself lucky to also call him a friend."

-Ryan Munson, CEO